Закрыть Орган принятия

Signals Troops

Tasks of the Signals Directorate:

  • organising and controlling signals in the Belarusian Armed Forces and the Regional Joint Force (RJF) of Belarus and Russia;
  • maintaining signals combat ready;
  • developing the Armed Forces signals system, the theory and practice of the Signals Troops’ engagement, as well as new signals techniques within the Armed Forces and RJF;
  • planning engagement of the Armed Forces and RJF signals;
  • organising operation and maintenance of the existing communications and automation systems;
  • improving training and manning of signals control bodies and units;
  • ensuring communications security;
  • supplying the Armed Forces with communications systems;
  • cooperating with signals officers in other ministries and agencies and coordinating the development of special communications lines of the state military establishment;
  • exercising command and control over the subordinate signals units;
  • planning and performing construction, reconstruction, re-equipment and repair of communications facilities.