Закрыть Орган принятия

Navigation and Topography Troops


Dmitry Lukyanenko

Chief of the Navigation and Topography Service, Chief of the General Staff Navigation and Topography Directorate

Tasks of the Navigation and Topography Directorate:

  • controlling survey and navigation support and the Navigation and Topography Service;
  • organising preliminary survey and navigation preparation of the operational directions;
  • providing accumulation, storing and operation of survey and navigation resources that can be applied for the country’s defence;
  • protecting state secrets and information resources, providing covert command and control over subordinate units, countering foreign and supporting friendly signals intelligence services;
  • upholding defence capability and combat and mobilisation readiness of the directorate and subordinate units, exercising their continuous C2 and supervision;
  • drafting conceptual documents and action plans regarding survey and navigation issues, as well Defence Ministry regulations on survey and navigation support;
  • planning, organising and carrying out the service’s training and supervising survey training of the troops;
  • developing the theory of military survey and navigation support, as well as new techniques of navigation and topography units’ engagement;
  • supplying the Armed Forces with survey and navigation equipment;
  • participating in strategic planning on survey and navigation support of the country’s defence, joint employment of the Armed Forces and other troops, including those assigned to the Regional Joint Force of Belarus and Russia;
  • interacting with and coordinating elements of the state military establishment on the issues of survey and navigation support;
  • taking part in Belarusian economy mobilisation planning as far as survey and navigation support is concerned and supervising the performance of mobilisation tasks by Belarusian organisations;
  • participating in recruiting, training and placing military personnel for the Navigation and Topography Service;
  • pursuing international military and military-technical cooperation in the sphere of military topography, surveying, mapping and navigation.