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Basis of Belarus Military Policy

Military policy of Belarus is an integer part of the country's policy in the sphere of military development and security and is directly associated with the state’s military establishment.

Military policy of Belarus is an important element of national and foreign policy activities aimed at the country’s national security protection, war and armed conflicts prevention and strengthening of strategic stability.

Military policy is determined according to the country’s national interests and military, economic, social and diplomatic potential.

Basis of the Belarusian military policy is officially stated in the Military Doctrine of the Republic of Belarus adopted on 3 January 2002 and implemented in the development of the national Armed Forces.

The Republic of Belarus:

  • has no territorial claims to any states and does not admit such claims from other countries;
  • respects other countries' political independence and national sovereignty and acknowledges their right to solve national security problems according to thier own interests and without prejudicing other countries’ security;
  • supports the solution of all interstate contradictions only through negotiations on a mutually accepted basis;
  • facilitates balanced reduction of arms in Europe within obligations defined by international agreements and treaties;
  • excludes one-sided reduction of arms with prejudicing the country’s national security. One-sided reduction of arms is possible only considering the country’s economic potential and objective necessity for ensuring the required level of the state’s defence capability.

The military policy of Belarus is aimed at maintenance of international peace and security, war prevention and national security protection from military threats.

The military policy of Belarus is aimed at:

  • maintenance of the country’s defence potential at the level adequate to existing and possible military threats taking into account the country's economic opportunities and resources;
  • prevention of large-scale military conflicts in the world arena and in the region;
  • accomplishment of international obligations of Belarus on rendering military assistance to allied nations;
  • support of activities of the UN Security Council and other international organisations aimed at maintenance of international peace and security at the earliest possible stage of the conflict development.

The aim and mission of the military policy of Belarus correspond to the UN Charter provisions, Helsinki Accords of 1975 and 1992, Paris Charter of 1990, Istanbul Charter of 1999 and other international agreements, treaties and conventions.