Belarusian Defence Minister to Attend Sixth Moscow Conference on International Security

Belarusian Defence Minister to Attend Sixth Moscow Conference on International Security

On 26-27 April 2017, the Belarusian Defence Minister will take part in the sixth annual Moscow Conference on International Security, during which the participants will discuss challenges and threats to global security and possible areas of cooperation to counter them.

Tank biathlon with a Tilt Shift effect

Tank biathlon with a Tilt Shift effect

«Паланэз» прагучаў над Палессем

The powerful weapon system capable of hitting targets at a large distance entered service with the Belarusian Armed Forces.

Author: V. Blinov, Vayar.

Landing on and taking off from motorway (2016, M4 motorway)

Belarusian pilots landed the aircraft on a motorway at night for the first time as part of the tactical air exercise.

The pilots of MiG-29 and Yak-130 landed in the twilight and took off in the dark. The crew of the Su-25 two-seater practised landing and taking off as night fell (after 22:00). The Mi-24 helicopters provided air cover. 

The World of Real Tanks

A firing exercise was held at the Obuz-Lesnovsky range. The tank battalion of the 11th Guards Independent Mechanised Brigade demonstrated their skills. The military carried out firings using different methods of firing with the change of positions.

A correspondent of the Vayar military information agency got acquainted with the world of tanks.

The Art of Victory!

The 51st Artillery Brigade conducted an exercise using the 2S5 Giatsint-S 152-mm self-propelled guns at the Osipovichsky range. The training did not involve firing the guns, but was held under simulated combat conditions. 

Belarus. The Place to Live

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Air Force and Air Defence Receives 10 MiG-29s

Ten MiG-29s that had undergone refurbishment work at the 558th Aircraft Repair Plant arrived at the 61st Fighter Airbase in Baranovichi.

Aviation in Union Shield 2015

Nowadays it is difficult to imagine a battle without air support. It is thanks to those whose element is the sky, the battle is shorter and closer to the victorious outcome.

During the exercise, main actions involving aircraft took place at the Kirillovsky and Kingisepp ranges. For the period of the exercise, the Pushkin military airfield in St. Petersburg was a base for army aviation. 

Union Shield 2015. The Active Phase of Stage I

Russia’s range Strugi Krasnye (Pskov region) became the center of the active actions of troops during the first stage of the Union Shield 2015 joint exercise.

According to the plan, units of 382nd Independent Mobile Battalion of the 38th Independent Mobile Brigade reinforced with a mortar battery, anti-tank platoon, anti-aircraft missile platoon and unmanned aircraft system were conducting military operations to destroy identified enemy targets in the territory temporarily seized by the enemy. The Berkut 2 short range unmanned aircraft system was used in the exercise. 

Belarus, Russia Begin Exercise Union Shield 2015

On 10 September, Belarus and Russia began the exercise Union Shield 2015.

The exercise is held at Russia’s ranges Kirillovsky (Leningrad region) and Strugi Krasnye (Pskov region). To provide air support for the troops and test the Belarus-Russia United Regional Air Defence System, the military use the Kingisepp and Ashuluk ranges.

The exercise involves more than 8,000 Belarusian and Russian service members, about 80 airplanes and helicopters and 400 weapons, including about 100 tanks.

Union Shield 2015. Guarding the Field Camp

The soldiers guard the field camp where the battalion is staying.

Union Shield 2015. Mortars Tested

The soldiers of the mixed artillery battalion of the 38th Independent Mobile Brigade were one of the first to have training at the range in the Pskov region, which will host the upcoming joint exercise Union Shield 2015. That day they did the 1M exercise using the 82-mm BM-37 mortars. According to Senior Lieutenant Dmitry Aleinik, platoon commander of the mortar battery of the mixed artillery battalion, the Brest paratroopers used fragmentation mines as ammunition.

Author: Igor Demenkov

Vzaimodeistviye 2015

The military completed the Vzaimodeistviye 2015 joint exercise of the CSTO Collective Rapid Reaction Force, which was held in the Pskov region, Russia. Contingents from Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan conducted a joint operation to localise the armed conflict with the aim of restoring the territorial integrity and protecting the constitutional system of the CSTO member states.

Video by Oleg Nekalo

Waltz Performed by Professional Drivers

Six KAMAZ-43501 vehicles, six Ford Focus cars and six UAZ-3151 vehicles are simultaneously moving on the ground in front of the spectators like a single organism, a single unit. Now they turn around 180 degrees and go to meet each other. And now it looks as if they are dancing ...

Open Water 2015

The opening ceremony of the Open Water 2015 pontoon-bridge units contest held as part of the International Army Games took place last Sunday at the waterfront of the Oka River in the city of Murom (Vladimir Region). The competition will last until 15 August.

Masters of Automobile and Tank Hardware 2015

There are only three days to go before the International Army Games 2015 begins. All Belarusian teams participating in competitions have already received the equipment and started training.

Active Phase of Tactical Live Fire Exercise

A mechanised battalion of the 120th Independent Mechanised Brigade has recently completed a live fire exercise.

Igor Demenkov and Oleg Nekalo

Mechanised Infantry Prepares for March

A mechanised battalion of the 120th Independent Mechanised Brigade has recently made a march from its permanent base to the Gozhsky range. Tracked vehicles and military personnel were transported by train from Minsk to Grodno. Wheeled vehicles covered the distance by road. The total distance is more than 300 kilometres. This is a video showing how the vehicles were being loaded on flatcars.

Authors: Igor Demenkov and Oleg Nekalo  

On the Firing Line

The service members of a mechanised battalion of the 120th Independent Mechanised Brigade undergo weapons training at the Gozhsky range.

Senior Lieutenants Oleg Nekalo and Igor Demenkov. 

We Are Used to Camping in the Woods!

A mechanised battalion of the 120th Independent Mechanised Brigade conducted a field training exercise at the Gozhsky range.

A group of journalists from the Vayar military information agency attended the area of the exercise and saw how the military was getting on in the field camp.

Senior Lieutenants Oleg Nekalo and Igor Demenkov. 

Competition for Best Reconnaissance Group

A competition for the best reconnaissance group of the Armed Forces was held during the week at the Chepelevo range. The contestants showed readiness to perform reconnaissance and special tasks in conditions close to combat. 

Reservists Take Oath

An important event took place in Yelsk District of Gomel Region: the reservists who were called up to serve in the newly formed units of territorial defence took their oath of allegiance. Among those who swore loyalty to the country were soldiers and sergeants, warrant officers and officers. In total, more than a hundred people took the oath.

Senior Lieutenant Alexander Ivanov

Belarusian Pilots Make First Flights in Yak-130

Belarusian pilots made their first flights in the Yak-130 combat training aircraft at the airfield of the 116th Ground Attack Airbase. Experienced test pilots of the aircraft manufacturer observed their actions. Thus, the pilots began the practical part of retraining for a new type of aircraft.

Author: Igor Zhuk

70th Anniversary of 3620th Artillery Weapons Base

The 3620th Artillery Weapons Base celebrates its 70th anniversary.

In fact, this is the only overhaul base in the Belarusian Armed Forces that performs overhaul of launchers of the Konkurs and Shturm-S ATGMs, the PRP-3 and PRP-4 mobile reconnaissance stations, command vehicles of the artillery fire command and control systems, artillery reconnaissance ground stations, range finders and gyrocompasses of command vehicles, as well as optical and electro-optical systems and small arms.

Author: Oleg Nekalo

Desert conquered by Belarusian Guard

The CSTO Collective Rapid Reaction Force combat readiness check entered its final stage last week.

Author: Kirill Franskevich

Belarusian Military Departs for Tajikistan

The CSTO Сollective Forces were regrouped for carrying out assigned missions and subsequent deployment in one of the collective security regions under the CSTO Collective Security Council’s decision.

The paratroopers marched from their permanent disposition to the Machulishchy military airfield. Military equipment was loaded in a Russian-made An-124 Ruslan military transport aircraft. An IL-76MD military transport aircraft in service with the Belarusian Air Force and Air Defence was used for carrying the Belarusian troops. The final destination is the international airport of Dushanbe.

Paratroopers Conduct Bilateral Battalion Tactical Exercise

Paratroopers from the 103rd Independent Mobile Brigade conducted bilateral battalion tactical exercises in Vitebsk Region from 14 to 17 April.

Author: Igor Demenkov

Military divers

Training sessions with the diving units of the engineer troops, Belarusian Armed Forces were held in Mogilev. The event involved divers from diving units of the 38th and 103rd Guards Independent Mobile Brigades, 11th and 120th Guards Independent Mechanised Brigade, 188th Guards and 557th Engineer Brigades, 7th Engineer Regiment and 72nd Guards Joint Training Centre.