Закрыть Орган принятия

Research Institute of the Belarusian Armed Forces

The Research Institute of the Belarusian Armed Forces was set up in accordance with the 2001–2005 Programme on Completing the

Armed Forces Reforming, as well as the Armed Forces Development Plan up to 2006.

On 1 June 2002, the institute launched its scientific studies.

Hence, the institute’s anniversary is celebrates on this day.

The goal of the Research Institute is to prove scientific support in the issues of the country’s military security and the Armed Forces’ development and employment.

The institute performs with the following tasks:

– conducts scientific studies, dedicated to national military security problems and the Armed Forces’ development and employment;

– tests research results;

– trains and qualifies scientific workers.

The institute conducts research in the following areas:

– developing the theories of military art, the Armed Forces’ development, as well as C2 and administration of the Armed Forces and its services;

– expanding methodological aspects of the Armed Forces’ development, evaluation of the troops’ effectiveness and efficiency in operations and improvement of support to decision-making;

– working out motions to concepts, programmes and other documents of the Belarusian Armed Forces;

– making proposals regarding the development of military hardware;

– summarising, arranging and analysis military-scientific and military-technical information, as well as creating databases to support studies conducted by the

institute’s sub-divisions.


Nikolai Buzin

Chief, Doctor of Sciences (military)

Oleg Lyubochko

First deputy chief (for scientific work), Candidate of Sciences (military)

Oleg Vorobei

Deputy chief (for personnel and testing of research results), Candidate of Sciences (military)

Anatoly Rusak

Deputy chief (for ideological work and military social studies)

Alexander Anisko

Academic secretary, Candidate of Sciences (engineering)