Закрыть Орган принятия

NBC Protection Troops


Vyacheslav Starkov

Chief of the NBC Protection Troops, Chief of the General Staff NBC Protection and Ecology Directorate 

Tasks of the NBC Protection and Ecology Directorate:

  • exercising continuous command and control over the NBC Protection Troops;
  • maintaining combat and mobilisation readiness of the directorate and subordinate units;
  • planning employment of the NBC Protection Troops;
  • working out legal documents regarding the development of the NBC Protection Troops and new ways of their engagement;
  • organising and supervising the training activities of the NBC Protection Troops;
  • supplying the Armed Forces and Territorial Troops with NBC protection equipment and supervising their operation and maintenance;
  • conducting research in the field of NBC protection;
  • ensuring radiation security and supervising the execution of ecological safety activities in the Armed Forces;
  • drafting Defence Ministry regulations regarding NBC protection in the Armed Forces and Territorial Troops;
  • cooperating with civil and military authorities in the field of NBC protection and territorial defence;
  • making and implementing proposals on the state defence policy, including military policy and the Military Doctrine of the Republic of Belarus;
  • participating in training military personnel for the NBC Protection Troops;
  • taking part in drafting the state armament programme and the state defence order;
  • drafting Defence Ministry regulations on environmental and radiation security;
  • holding international military and military-technical cooperation events in the sphere of NBC protection and environmental safety.