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About Military Science

Military Science in Belarus

Military science is a system of knowledge about the nature of war, laws and principles of armed struggle, development and preparation of the armed forces and the country to repel an aggression, military tactics and techniques, as well as war prevention and provision of security.

The object of military science is war and armed conflict.

The subject of military science is armed struggle.

Military science consists of:

– the general fundamentals (general theory of military science);

– the theory of military art (strategy, operational art and tactics);

– the theory of armed forces development;

– the theory of military training and education;

– the theory of armament and military equipment;

– the theory of command and control;

– the theory of armed services and logistics;

– defence economy;

– military history.

Scientific work in the Armed Forces is a set of creative and organisational activities aimed at enhancing national defence capability by promoting military theory and practice and developing armament and military equipment.

Scientific work in the Armed Forces comprises:

1. fundamental and applied research of military science challenges;

2. implementation of research results in the Armed Forces, as well as arms development and improvement;

3. writing of theoretical works and regulations and their testing in the course of operational, mobilisation and combat training;

4. scientific organisational activities;

5. training of scientific and academic professionals.

The areas of research are determined in line with the tasks of the Armed Forces, national military policy and military doctrine.

Key research areas:

1. military security of the state;

2. development of the Armed Forces;

3. training, implementation and comprehensive support of the Armed Forces;

4. arms development and improvement.

The main forms of scientific work in the Armed Forces are as follows:

– carrying out research and development works;

– conducting studies during military exercises, operational, mobilisation and combat training events and troops' daily life;

– writing theoretical works and regulations;

– holding scientific conferences, meetings and seminars.

In the Belarusian Armed Forces, administration of scientific work is a direct responsibility for commanders of all levels. The Defence Minister performs general supervision of scientific work, and the Chief of the General Staff coordinates it via the Military Scientific Directorate.