Закрыть Орган принятия


The Air Force and Air Defence Command controls day-to-day activities and operational and combat training of the subordinate staffs and units, as well as training and education of their service members.

Key tasks of the AFAD Command:

  • upholding AFAD’s combat and mobilisation readiness and combat capability;
  • organising and supervising air defence combat duty;
  • controlling AFAD’s day-to-day activities;
  • making proposals to the Minister of Defence regarding cooperation with national and local authorities in the issues of organising Belarusian territory, communications and transport for defence;
  • making motions on the implementation of international agreements.

Key activities of the AFAD Command:

  • organising operational and combat training;
  • arranging routine military service;
  • conducting ideological work, strengthening military discipline and rule of law and ensuring safety of military service and order;
  • carrying out military scientific work;
  • providing legal support and working out regulations;
  • ensuring flight safety;
  • organising operation, maintenance, storage and repair of armament and military equipment;
  • improving training facilities and equipment;
  • performing environmental control at permanent dispositions;
  • conducting personnel training and placement.

Commander of the Air Force and Air Defence
Chief of the Main Staff, First Deputy Commander
Deputy Commander
Deputy Commander, Chief of Aviation
Deputy Commander for Ideological Work
Deputy Commander for Armament
Deputy Commander for Logistics